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TDM ECU Tuning

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     A TDM tuning remap means you can enjoy increased horsepower, torque and in the case of diesels, fuel economy, all done in a state of the art automotive facility in usually under one hour with no addition of physical parts, the most discrete power upgrade you can apply without affecting the reliability of the engine.
     Engine remapping is a unique way of re-programming a cars on board computer, the ECU, to develop the way it controls the engine management system by adjusting how the ignition timing, fuelling and boost pressure are delivered, optimising the efficiency of the engine and giving the user a more engaging drive.

     We take your car for a test drive prior to installing the map, this is to check the characteristics of the car in its current state. We then repeat this after the map has been applied to check all of the systems are running correctly and to give accurate feedback to the customer.

     All maps can also be removed and reapplied as you wish with no need to rebuy the map, just a small payment for the labour for adding or removing it. There is also the option of purchasing a TDM Tuning Suite for certain models, which has the capability to hold multiple maps, let you flash maps in and out wherever you are and produce vehicle diagnostics reports.