ECU Remapping

Free your engine up to perform at its optimum.

Up to 30% increased horsepower and torque.


Unlock faster throttle response and smoother power delivery.


Guaranteed fuel save on diesel vehicles up to 10%.


No new parts and can be installed in just 1 hour.

Engine Size (Litres)







Price (Inc VAT & Install)








Available map categories are:

> Economy

> Efficiency

> Performance

> Race

> Standard

> Security (Valet & Park)


To see how we can increase the performance of your car, use our online map finder and select the make, model and engine of your car to find the specific performance curves (power and torque). Contact us to book in your car using the details below. Appointments for an OBD port plugin should take no more than 1 hour.




A TDM tuning remap means you can enjoy increased horsepower, torque and in the case of diesels, fuel economy, all done in a state of the art automotive facility in usually under one hour with no addition of physical parts, the most discrete power upgrade you can apply without affecting the reliability of the engine.


> Commercial Vehicles

> Company Vehicles

> Motorhomes

> Performance Vehicles

> Bikes




How it works

Engine remapping is a unique way of re-programming a cars on board computer, the ECU, to develop the way it controls the engine management system by adjusting how the ignition timing, fuelling and boost pressure are delivered, optimising the efficiency of the engine and giving the user a more engaging drive.

We take your car for a test drive prior to installing the map, this is to check the characteristics of the car in its current state. We then repeat this after the map has been applied to check all of the systems are running correctly and to give accurate feedback to the customer.

All maps can also be removed and reapplied as you wish with no need to rebuy the map, just a small payment for the labour for adding or removing it. There is also the option of purchasing a TDM Tuning Suite for certain models, which has the capability to hold multiple maps, let you flash maps in and out wherever you are and produce vehicle diagnostics reports.











“It's totally brought my car to life, 100% recommend it to anyone thinking about getting it done.”
- Matt Carpenter


Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions


"What is the process to remap my vehicle?"

    • On arrival we will road-test your car and then take in to our workshop and remove the original engine map from the vehicle.
    • A backup of this is then stored securely at Team Dynamics HQ on our secure servers with offsite secure back up.
    • We then upload your remap file into your vehicle and then perform a final road-test before handing your vehicle back.



"What are the different maps available for my vehicle?"

    • Performance (all vehicles) – This map will offer the highest BHP and torque increases for your vehicle whilst maintaining reliability. On diesel vehicles this should also offer economy gains.
    • Economy (diesel only) – This map will focus on improving the economy of your vehicle of usually around 10%. This map will still offer power gains of around half of the performance map.
    • Blend (diesel only) – this map aims to offer a hybrid of the performance and economy map and will find a balance of performance and economy for your vehicle.
    • No map (all vehicles) – we can remove remaps from your vehicle if you are worried about taking you vehicle in for a service or dealer work and reinstall in after for a small service fee of £50.


"What are the warranty details with your remap?"

    • We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with TDM ECU remaps and so we offer a no-quibble refund (Less the programming charge*) within 28 days if you are not completely satisfied.
    • Also we offer a single map switch within the 30 day period between performance, economy or our blend maps if you are not totally satisfied with your choice.
    • We are also confident the ECU remap will not cause any damage to your vehicle as the maps mostly run within manufacturer recommendations. On the chance you do experience a problem with your vehicle, the insurance provider will take out a full investigation on the vehicle. If the remap is found to be at fault, the damage will be completely covered.

*Programming Charge Varies by Vehicle


"How will a Team Dynamics remap affect my insurance?"

    • You should inform your insurer of modifications to your car’s performance.
    • Remaps can be removed and re-added on request for a small service fee of £50.


"If a Dealer updates my software, what do I do?"

    • If a dealer overwrites your vehicle’s ECU, we will supply a remap free of charge. However, if this involves removing an ECU, a small labour charge of £50.00 plus VAT will apply at Team Dynamics HQ.
    • If you have a TDM Tuning Suite, simply plug it into your vehicle again, and it will detect that the software has been updated and then read the new software from the ECU. Call us to let us know and we will provide a new remap based on this updated software free of charge.


"Is a Team Dynamics remap detectable by the manufacturer?"

    • In most cases, no. Some manufacturers can tell that something has changed, but not necessarily what. Your TDM Tuning Suite sites the vehicles factory settings in it’s memory, so you can revert to this whenever your wish. With regard to a remap we can remove this for you prior to any dealer work being carried out should you wish.


"Will a Team Dynamics remap improve my economy?"

    • Every situation is different, but if you have a turbo-diesel, in like-for-like you should see an improvement in economy of up to 10%. We cannot make claims for potential economy improvements for petrol-engine vehicles, but in like-for-like use the economy shouldn’t be any worse.


Will my vehicle pass an MOT when it is remapped?

    • Yes all our remaps are designed to remain legal and pass all current MOT emission tests.